Skate 3 Pro Shop And Integral Hockey Lowell

Integral Hockey Lowell stick rack inside the Skate 3 Pro Shop.

Integral Hockey Lowell offers high-end refurbished hockey sticks at the Skate 3 Pro Shop in Tyngsboro, MA. Stop in to visit Joe Weissbach (manager) and browse our selection of current and recent model sticks from Bauer, CCM, TRUE, and Warrior.

Why Buy Refurbished Hockey Sticks From Integral Hockey Lowell?

Every high-end hockey stick is destined to break at some point. Hopefully for you, it happens inside of the manufacturer’s 30-day warranty. But when it doesn’t, you can either spend hundreds more to replace your broken stick with a new one, or have it masterfully repaired for a fraction of the cost. Considering how many sticks you or your hockey player goes through in a season, the latter is a smart choice.

The Only Hockey Stick Lifetime Warranty On The Market

When you purchase a refurbished hockey stick from Integral Hockey Lowell, you’re getting a lifetime warranty at the point of repair. You won’t get that from the hockey stick manufacturers or any retail hockey store in the world. With your low risk and our low cost, you’re getting unmatched value.

Top-Of-The-Line Hockey Stick Inventory

The broken hockey sticks we repair and sell at Skate 3 are collected from various college hockey teams, private school hockey teams, and select hockey programs in and around Massachusetts. As such, our inventory includes a mix of youth, junior, intermediate, and senior hockey sticks. Don’t miss out on great deals: join our mailing list to get alerts when we update or add hockey stick inventory at Skate 3.

Happy Hockey Players And Satisfied Customers

Hockey players in Greater Lowell and the Merrimack Valley are turning to Integral Hockey Lowell to get their high-end hockey sticks repaired and back in there hands for game play. Integral Hockey has nearly 100 locations across N. America, and satisfied customers everywhere.

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